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Own or Lease Rooftop Solar Power System

Is it better to own or lease your residential solar power system? The answer depends on many factors:

  • What kind of local solar incentives are available in your area?
  • Which solar incentives are you qualified to receive based on your age, income, tax burden and other factors?
  • What is your roof azimuth (orientation), pitch, and shading?
  • What is the rate structure of your utility? Do you have TOU billing, multi-tiered rate plans? What is your consumption amounts and patterns?
  • Are you looking for back-up power? How reliable is your utility power? Would you profit from peak load shifting?

Sound complicated? It can be. Our job is to analyze all this data and provide you with the most viable solutions, or possibly, none at all if there isn't a good fit.

Solar will not work for everyone, and there are many reasons why sometimes it's not recommended. Not everybody who wants to go solar can.

Anybody who gives you fast and easy answers is just trying to make a sale.

Our decades of collective experience will guide you to the decision that's best for you, but only you can decide.

High Output Ground Mount and Barn-Mounted Solar PV

Do you have a large home with plenty of open space and high utility bills, a farm with a barn, a structure with a corrugated metal roof, a flat-roofed rowhome, cedar shingles, standing metal seam roof, etc? Have you been told your roof is too shady for solar?

Did you get a second or third opinion from someone who didn't enter the industry in the past couple years and from a company which doesn't offer a one-size-fits-all solution like ZEP Solar mounting hardware?

With skilled engineers, seasoned site inspectors and the latest technology, analytical software, imaging systems and tools, we can offer a no-cost analysis of your project and incorporate creative solutions to provide you a solar power system design which protects your most important asset: Your home and property.

Tesla Powerwall / LG Battery Backup and Other Storage Solutions

Until now, battery backup power has been a niche product for the wealthy early adopter who needed that new, high-tech gizmo in his or her collection regardless of whether or not is was more or less cost effective than a simple portable generator, or, if it was even needed at all in our well developed urban and suburban dvelopments with very reliable utility power grids and hardly any power outages.

However, the Maryland State Legislature has recently created an incentive for solar power storage equivalent to 30% of the cost of the installed system, capped at $ 5,000 per address. Add to this the 30% Federal Tax Credit and now you have a wonderful, quiet, fuel-less, low maintenance power backup system available for your home at less cost than most permanently installed gas and diesel engine generators.

Power transfer is instantaneous so you won't even notice that there was a blackout until you look out your window and see your neighbors' dark houses.

The systems are stackable to create a backup solution matched to your needs.

Ask about our 25 year warranty on certain solar energy storage products!

Have questions? Talk to our experts...

Have questions? Do you want to research which incentives you are eligible for? Would you like to compare your past proposals to what we can offer? Would you like a professional to create a no-cost, no obligation design and proposal for you? Start by scheduling a quick telephone conversation with one of our experts. Click to view our Calendar.