42nd Street Condo Blocking Its Residents From Receiving Free DC Solar Panels

Solar panels obtained at no cost through DC and Federal Incentive Programs could save residents of this condominium association an average of $ 1,403 per year (see cash flow chart below.)

However, the Condo Association is not allowing residents to obtain these savings because of their fear of damaging the roof. However, there is no danger because:
1) The solar panels do not touch the roof: Solar panels are mounted on rails which span across the roof from parapet to parapet without touching the roof surface. There are no penetrations in the roof;
2) If maintenance is required, the installer grants a free removal of panels while the roof is being worked on, and then a free reinstallation of panels after work is done.
3) The solar equipment itself is covered by a 20-30 year zero cost maintenance agreement and solar energy production guarantee.

There’s nothing to lose except for $ 1,403 savings off your PEPCO bill each year!