Free Solar in District of Columbia* – Residential and Commercial Solar

*Also Maryland suburbs including certain neighborhoods in Oxon Hill, Capitol Heights, District Heights, Mt. Rainier, Tacoma Park. Check your address on PEPCO’s map by clicking here.

  • It’s Not “Getting Something for Nothing.” There’s something in it for you and us.
  • We get the SRECs from generating solar energy on your roof.
  • You get 100% of the solar energy the system generates for free for 20-30 years**.

$ 0.00 Installation, $ 0.00 Monthly Cost, $ 0.00 Maintenance, $ 0.00 / kWh Energy Cost – by filling out the form below, you will receive this promise in writing after we verify that your property is in the proper zone, your roof is strong enough and receives adequate sunlight.

**You choose whether to remove the panels after 20 years, upgrade them, or extend the term, with full maintenance and warranty included at no cost, for an additional 10 years in 5 year increments.

Request Information on Government Funded 100% Free Solar

  • Advanced Solar is paid through DC SREC and Federal Tax Incentives to install solar power systems on residential and commercial buildings throughout DC;
  • Advanced Solar earns all of its profit through these incentives and does not need to charge our customers a single penny for installation;
  • We are simply looking for roof space to install solar panels. You keep all the solar energy it generates for free. You never pay a dime for installation, for energy, and there are no monthly costs whatsoever! The panels become your property at the term end for $ 1.00
  • Receive a sample proposal by email or request a custom proposal without obligation by filling out the form below. Have questions? Check off the button to request a consultation.
Typical Flat Roof Solar Power System Design in Barry Farm
Proposal Snippet Showing Savings From Solar Design Pictured Above