Free Solar Panels in Barry Farm

Request Information on Government Funded 100% Free Solar

  • Advanced Solar is paid through DC SREC and Federal Tax Incentives to install solar power systems on residential and commercial buildings throughout DC;
  • Advanced Solar earns all of its profit through these incentives and does not need to charge our customers a single penny for installation;
  • We are simply looking for roof space to install solar panels. You keep all the solar energy it generates for free. You never pay a dime for installation, for energy, and there are no monthly costs whatsoever! The panels become your property at the term end for $ 1.00
  • Receive a sample proposal by email or request a custom proposal without obligation by filling out the form below. Have questions? Check off the button to request a consultation.
Typical Flat Roof Solar Power System Design in Barry Farm
Proposal Snippet Showing Savings From Solar Design Pictured Above