Solar for Apartments = Solar Without Panels or Contracts

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Solar Without the Panels
Solar Without the Panels
What a share of community solar looks like
Community Solar: Too Good To Be True??
Hey, we get it, community solar sounds too good to be true.  But, there is still some good in the world, and we’re going to help shed a bit of light on the beauty that is community solar. Part of our mission as a Certified B Corp and people-powered, people-focused company is to be 100% transparent with our community members, so let’s get right to the details:
1. Does Community Solar Cost More?Nope! There are zero fees or costs — only money saved. There are no fees to join, no fees to cancel, no paying for solar panels or repairs –nothing except real dollar credits on your utility bill for the clean energy that was produced by your share of the solar farm. You will continue to receive a bill from your utility, though it will be lowered.

You pay Neighborhood sun for the credit applied to your bill at the discounted rate you signed up for – this payment is made about two months later, so you are always ahead of the game as long as you are subscribed. This is 100% local energy – not Pennsylvania, Kentucky, or West Virginia. Your Energy is made HERE and supports green jobs HERE.
2. How Quickly Will I See The Benefits Of This?It depends on the status of your community solar farmIf the community solar farm is already generating power, you could see your solar credits on your electricity bill as soon as the next billing cycle. However, in most cases, the community solar farm still needs to finish construction, so it can be six-to-eight months until you start to see your community solar credits. Keep an eye on our newsletters for monthly updates, or visit our website to see the status here.
3. How Do You Calculate My Community Solar Energy?The amount of solar energy you receive is based on a couple of thingsFirst, we look at your historical electricity usage per month to know how much of the solar will be covering your electricity needs. That need is represented as a percentage of community solar farm’s production, which is around 0.5% of the farm on average. Second, the amount of electricity the solar farm produces changes with the seasons. During the long, sunny days of the summer months, the solar farm is generating more electricity, so your 0.5% share will mean more solar credits on your summer electricity bills than you see on your winter bills.  We can’t see your monthly usage, so if something changes in your energy usage be sure to let us know and we can adjust accordingly!
4. How Am I Billed For My Community Solar Energy?We keep it easy and environmentalEvery month on your electricity bill, you will see a credit for the amount of solar energy used to power your home (at full retail value). Following your normal electricity bill, you will receive a bill from Neighborhood Sun for the solar energy you used, but it’s at a cost 5-30% less than what you would normally pay for dirty energy. The payments for your solar energy are automatic for your convenience, and the invoices are sent online to save on paper.
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If you have your electricity bill handy, you can sign up in a matter of minutes online, at no cost to you.
Your solar energy is delivered to your home through the existing power lines.  No panels to install–ever!
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Your solar credits appear on your electricity bill, & you pay for them at a discounted rate, saving you money every month.
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  “Community solar is going to help every single one of us, household by household, reduce our energy expenses…It will help every one of us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and help us prepare to adapt to climate change.” Delegate Robbyn Lewis House of Representatives  
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Neighborhood Sun is your friendly, clean energy, social enterprise with a mission to empower neighborhoods to choose local, community solar.  For us, community solar is not just an opportunity to bring affordable renewable to everyone, but it is our commitment to building wealth, health, and jobs for our community members and future generations.  We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation with the highest B-Corp rating for community solar companies in the country. Thanks for supporting clean energy.- The Neighborhood Sun Team
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